RM55: the Ultra-economical Programmable Resistor Module

Model: RM55T-50M-R5 (1Ω-53MΩ, 0.5Ω steps and up to 0.1% accuracy@Tcal±10℃)
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RM55 the ultra-economical programmable resistor module covers an output range of 1Ω to 53MΩ (as well as open and short outputs), 0.5Ω steps and power rating up to 1.0W. Although it's designed to cost down for general applications, it performs well in the 1kΩ-1MΩ output range (conservative accuracy±0.1%@Tcal±10°C) 

The communication interface of RM55 inherits the USB-COM port of the QR10 series,  "plug-and-play" makes it convenient for users to debug and test; At the same time, the UART serial port is added to facilitate users to integrate this product into their own projects in the form of PCBA modules.

In addition, the optional "User Field Calibration" feature further improves accuracy and reduces user maintenance costs.

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