QR10 Edition 3/3+ (released on Kickstarter in Jul. 2022)
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As a candidate for replacing/upgrading conventional resistance decade box, QR10 has as good as, if not better than, the top class of the latter on the accuracy, range, resolution/step, repeatability, and temperature coefficient. It provides a " better operation experience " on the user interface, much higher rated power, and much smaller dimensions. More importantly, it's just a " programmable " resistance substitution box the way it should be – the user can either set desired output value by an integrated keypad or remotely control it via a USB-Serial COM port. 

The COM port mentioned makes it suitable for advanced applications such as data acquisition and auto-tests, for example, sensor simulation and sensor auto-calibration.

-      “True” resistance generated by relay-resistor network
-	Easy-to-use keyboard and useful OLED display
-	USB to serial communication interface, support private AT instruction set
-	Initial high accuracy (>500Ω): 
        ±0.05%(class T);
        ±0.02% (class B)
-	Wide range:
        1Ω -630kΩ (0.1Ω/0.07Ω steps)
        1Ω -1.2MΩ (0.125Ω steps)
        1Ω -8.4MΩ (1Ω step)
-	Maximum power rating up to 2.0W
-	Safety output limit(user definable)
-	Latched output with ZERO power consumption
-	Allow user field calibration (after calibration accuracy can follow reference meter’s for grade B)
-	Rechargeable Li-PO battery
-	Portable with small dimensions and solid metal housing:
        5.5cm (OD)× 5.5cm (H) or 7.0cm (H)

----------------------------------SPECIFICATION & MANUAL--------------------------------------
The latest version for on-sell products Edition 3/3+:
QR10 Specification & Manual v3.0 | QR10 说明书v3.0

Legacy versions (reserved only for β version products):
QR10 datasheet v1.2 | QR10 user manual v1.0
QR10数据手册v1.2 | QR10用户手册v1.0