QR10 Edition 3/3+ (released on Kickstarter in Jul. 2022)
Now there are a few samples available on Tindie & Taobao:
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As a candidate of replacing/upgrading conventional resistance decade box, QR10 is as good as, if not better than,top class of the latter on accuracy, range, resolution/steps, repeatbility and T.C.R.  More importantly, USB-COM port make it suitable for advanced applications such as data acquisition and auto-test, for example, sensor simulation and sensor auto calibration.

- TRUE resistance output that completely isolated
- Remotely control via USB-serial COM port
- Morden user interface with keypad and OLED
- Output limiter (user-defined)
- High accuracy up to ±0.01%
- Ranges from 1 Ω up to 8.4 MΩ
- No residual resistance
- 1.0 W rated power
- Resolution/steps: 0.1 Ω, 0.125 Ω or 1.0 Ω
- TCR: 50 ppm / 25 ppm, lower TCR can be customized
- Small dimensions 5.5 cm (D) × 7.0 cm (H), probably smaller than your fist

QR10 user manual (Kickstater version) | QR10用户手册(Kickstarter版本)

QR10 datasheet | QR10 user manual
QR10数据手册 | QR10用户手册